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     I was recently honored at the 2017 Montana Professional Photographer’s Association annual award banquet for my service at the 2016-2017 president of the association.  I also received “One of Five Top Master Photographers” award as a result of the annual print competition.  Very humbled and appreciative of this and look forward to another successful year!


     On January 10, 2017, I was awarded my Master Of Photography degree by the Professional Photographers of America.  This ceremony took place at Imaging USA in San Antonio, Texas.  I was honored to have many of my fellow photographer colleagues from Montana as well as my lovely wife and two older brothers in attendance.  I was also recognized for my gold print case (described) below.  Thanks everyone for your mentoring, word of encouragement and support.

Ross Master Award

MPPA San Antonio

MPPA Group


     I recently received the results from the International Photographic Competition photographs that I submitted this year.  For those who may not be familiar, this is an international competition that is organized and judged by the Professional Photographers of America (PPA). Thousands of photos are submitted by photographers all over the world. The photographs are judged on 12 elements of a merit petition, instructing, continuing education and being involved with PPA. I’m currently seeking my Masters of Photography degree which I have been working on for several years.

     A panel of 46 eminent jurors from across the United States selected the top photographs from nearly 5,700 total submitted. Judged against a standard of excellence, 2428 images were selected for the General Collection and 1007 were selected for the esteemed Loan Collection—the best of the best.

    In this year’s competition I was honored to have two photographs that earned merits in the general category and two photographs that earned merits and went loan. Feeling very grateful. These results are considered a gold case.  These are my submissions: 





Past Events:

     In August of 2015 I received three merits for prints that I entered into the Professional Photographers Association International Photo Competition.  These are the prints: 





     In June I accompanied some fellow photographers to photograph the wild flowers and the wild mustang horses in the Pryor Mountains.  It gives you an appreciation for the beauty of this state and God’s creatures.  To view a gallery of some of the pictures, click on the link below the photograph 🙂

Wild Horses


     On May 16th & 17th I attended the 65th annual Mile City Bucking Horse Sale in Miles City, Montana.  Another great year of fun and excitement.  I have a lot of respect for these cowboys and their sport.  The Wild Horse Races were an entertaining way to start and end each days events.  I was fortunate this year to attend both Saturday and Sunday and I’m already looking forward to next year! To see a gallery of some of the photos I took click the link below the photo.



     On May 8th I volunteered as a photographer for the Law Enforcement Torch Run which raises money for the Special Olympics.  It was a drizzling cold day but the runners and bikers did a great job for a good cause.

LETR 2015


     I just returned from the Montana Professional Photographers Association convention in Bozeman, Montana.  I was honored to have received “Photographer Of The Year” as a result of the MPPA annual print competition.   I submitted six images that were accepted for exhibition.  As a result of the judging by 5 Master Photographers I received a 1st and 2nd place in the Electronic Imaging Division and a 1st and 3rd place in the Unclassified Division.  In addition I received a Judge’s Choice Award and Best Print Of Show on 1st Placing Print “Let’s Dance” which also received the highest score in the competition by a Certified Professional Photographer.  I would like to congratulate the many other professional photographers who entered and won awards as well.  I received my Service Award for my involvement in the MPPA and currently hold the position of Vice President.  I will be busy planning next years convention which will be held in Billings, Montana in April of 2016.

     Click on the Print “Let’s Dance” to link to the other prints I entered in the competition.



     In March I became a Certified Professional Photographer through the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).  After weeks of studying and taking a proctored test and submitting 15 required images for review by Master Photographers I passed 🙂  This was a huge accomplishment for me and my profession.


      In February my wife and I attended the Professional Photographers of America (PPA) national convention in Nashville, TN.  I was honored to receive a bronze print case.  This entails submitting four images to PPA for national competition.   All four of my images merited after an intense judging.  Each photograph is judged on 12 different elements.

1251-1 1251-21251-31251-4


     Another fine year at the World Famous Miles City Bucking Horse Sale!  I was impressed with the recognition that they gave to the Armed Services who protect us and our country before the event started.  I was accompanied this year by my friend and long time mentor, Phil Bell.  We had a great time and got a little dusty.

     To view a gallery of this event, click on the link below.  Some pictures may be available for purchase so if there is something you would like to purchase, click on the “Contact Photographer Ross Magnuson” link and send me a message.  I hope you enjoy the photographs as much as I did taking them.

 TSP 14-05-17 2860-Edit-Edit


     On May 13, 2014,  I volunteered my services to photograph the annual Montana Law Enforcement Torch Run for the Special Olympics. We started at 6:00 AM driving to Big Timber and then following the torch to Billings where we arrived about 5:00 PM for a bbq for anyone who wanted to attend and support these Special Olympians.  It was a fun filled day and I was honored to be a part of it.

TSP 14-05-13 1676


     I just returned from the Montana Professional Photographer’s Association (MPPA) convention that was held in Bozeman, Montana, April 13 – 15, 2014.  This is an association of professional photographers throughout Montana and we also have professional photographers from Wyoming who are members.  At convention we have continuing education and  photographic print competition. We had great speakers from out of state to include Professional Photographers Ben Shirk, Christina Kjar Hanson, and Melinda & Cristie Reddehase.  

     I had entered 6 photographic prints in the photographic print competition and had four photographic prints that merited.  These prints are judged by Five Master Photographers and the score is based on 12 different elements. I was fortunate to receive 1st Place in the Electronic Imaging Division for “Autumn Glow” as well as 2nd place in that division for “Seattle Night”.  In the Unclassified Print Division I received 2nd place for “All Strung Out” and 3rd place for “The Iron Horse”.  As a result of the total points on these four photographic images I was selected for Montana “Top Ten” Photographer!  I will be forwarding these images on to the Professional Photographer’s Association (PPA)  for 

International Print Competition.

     These photographic images can be viewed at:

     I served as a board member for the MPPA for two years and was just elected to the position of 2nd Vice President.  This is a great organization and I look forward to serving my fellow members.

MPPA 2014 Board

MPPA 2014


     I recently had two photographic prints published after they were judged in the International Photographic Competition (IPC) in the Professional Photographers of America (PPA).  I had submitted four photographs in the completion and they were judged along with 5000 other entries.  My print titled  “Cowboy Chaos” was published in the PPA’s 2013 Loan Collection along with the other top  photographs.   Additionally my print titled “Heaven On Earth” was published in PPA’s 2013 Showcase collection.  This is the first time I had entered this competition and was humbled to have two of my photographs chosen.  “Cowboy Chaos” was also chosen to represent the National Photographic Team of the United States of America in the World Photographic Cup (WPC) although it did not make the final cut it was an honor to have made it that far.



     The 63rd World Famous Bucking Horse Sale was another great time with a lot of good action shots.  I attended this event May 18, 2013.  I look forward to this event every year.  The cowboys and fans are great to be around and it has that Montana hometown feel.  This year the rain came in about an hour before the wild horse ride which made for some interesting wrangling and photography.  To view these pictures go to the following link:

     I just attended the Montana Professional Photographer’s Association Annual Convention that was in Billings April 13-16, 2013. This was attended by professional photographers throughout Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. 

This year I had six photographic prints chosen for exhibition from the print competition. This competition is open to all members and is judged by Master Photographers. I was fortunate to receive a third place in the Portrait of a 

Woman Division for “Industrial Girl”, a first place in Electronic Imaging Division for “Heaven on Earth”, a second place in Electronic Imaging Division for “Pacific Sunset” and first place in the Unclassified Division for “Cowboy Chaos”. Additionally “Cowboy Chaos” was selected as the Judges Choice Award and Best of Show. Yehaaaa! I was also awarded one of the Montana “Top Ten” Photographers for 2013 as a result of the print competition. I would just like to say thanks and congratulations to the other winners as well! These pictures can be viewed at the link below.

     On Easter Weekend I entered the Photographic Institute of The Yellowstone (PIY) annual photo expo. I received a first place on a photograph titled “Strung Out” which I took at the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale during the Wild Horse Race last spring. I also won the themed category (which had to be a title of an Elvis Presley song) with a photograph titled “All Shook Up” which was also from the Wild Horse Race. “All Shook Up” was also chosen for the Best of Show! These photographs can be viewed at the link below:


      In December,2012 I traveled to New York City for business and in my off time road the subways and walked the streets. The link below is a compilation of some of the photos I had taken.

     May 9th, 2012, the annual Miles City Bucking Horse Sale was another great time. I started the day photographing the parade, the sheep sheering and then on to the bucking horse sale, the horse races and the wild horse races. The wild horse races definitely lived up to its name. It was hot, dusty and a lot of fun. You can view the photos at the link below.

      On April 17, 2012, I attended the Montana Professional Photographer’s Convention in Billings, Montana. This was attended by professional photographers throughout Montana, Idaho and Wyoming. This year I had six photographic prints chosen for exhibition from the print competition. In addition I received a third place in the Electronic Imaging Division for “Heaven’s Light” and was awarded one of the Montana “Top Ten” Photographers for 2012 as a result of the print competition.

      On May 14, 2011, I attended the Photographic Institute of The Yellostone “PIY” Photo Expo where I entered the print competition. This is an annual event held by this organization in Billings, MT. I received a first place and a third place in my division. I also received the “winner” ribbon for the “Magic Light” competition and “Peoples Choice” award for “Out of Key”. There were a lot of very good photographers showing their work and the art of photography.

      On April 18, 2011, I attended the Montana Professional Photographers Association convention in Missoula, Montana. During the convention I entered the photographic print competition for the first time. This was my fourth time attending, but my first time entering. I had six photographic prints entered, two of which received scores which resulted in “Deserving of a Merit” and two which resulted in the “Excellent” category.

     I had one print that received second place in the Electronic Image Division.

     What an inspiration this was. The total scores of the prints Deserving of a Merit and above are added together and then the Montana “Top Ten” photographers are chosen. I was honored to also receive this award. Thanks to all my friends and mentors who support my passion!




The Archives:

     Once again the Miles City Bucking Horse Sale was a hit. On May 15, 2010 I traveled to Miles City, Montana and photographed the parade, and the bucking horse sale. This year I also took in some of the sheep shearing competition. The high light of the day was the wild horse race which always makes for a good time! To see some of the day’s events you can click on the link below.

     In April of 2010 I accompanied two photographer friends to photograph a horse drive near Three Forks, Montana. This was a weekend event however I only went on the last day when the horses were moved from Three Forks to Trident, Montana. I then traveled the back roads from Livingston to Big Timber, Montana. I love Montana! To see of these photographs you can click the link below.


     In July of 2009, my wife and I traveled to the Wild Horse Range in the Pryor Mountains. The elevation is just over eight thousand feet and is the home of wild flowers and wild Mustang horses. I had the opportunity to photograph both. Below is a link to some of these photographs.

     Father’s Day was a great time to spend with my family at the annual Harvest Church Car Show and Burn Out in Billings, MT. The burn lasted for 30 seconds for each vehicle competing. As you can see the air was filled with smoke and the smell of burning rubber.

      In May of 2009, I attended the 2009 Bucking Horse Sale in Miles City. What a kick in the pants! This year I was also able to make it to the parade. You can view the photos from the parade and sale at the link below.

     In May of 2007, I attended my first “World Famous” Miles City Bucking Horse Sale in Miles City, Montana. This is a day of bare back and bronc riding. To see some of the day’s high lights click the link below.

      In June of 2007, my family went to the Oregon Coast for a family get together (none of my family is from Oregon, we just decided to meet there). This is a photographer’s dream. Probably some of the most spectacular sunsets I’ve seen. To see some of the landscape click on the link below.

      In April of 2007, I had the opportunity to travel to Turkey and visit some close friends, one of which is a photographer as well. We traveled the country and took thousands of pictures. This was an experience of a life time, being with good friends and seeing the world! To see some of the photos you can click the link below.